Seeking the lost layers...
A necessity for social development
If  architecture can influence mind, then definitely it can affect health because, health and mind have indissoluble connection .At present, our wants have become needs and the list of our wants are endless to fulfil . An age of never-ending demands and constant pressure from every sphere of our day to day life, urban population faces challenges and impediments that does not allow the mind to settle anddisconnect’. There is such a rush to get to the next moment; we don’t appreciate the current moment, facing anxieties due to burden of responsibilities and various other factors. A typical day is reduced to living in the cubicle! Which begins at home, leading to workspace and so on...dealing with the unwanted and the unavoidable?
A hectic life is the norm for many people today. There never seems to be enough time to do everything that needs doing, nor is there any time to simply relax and simply do nothing. But a hectic lifestyle is a stressful lifestyle and many people simply don't know how to cope with the many stresses placed on them. Unfortunately, the inability to cope leads to many mental and physical problems. Chronic depression, fatigue and lack of sleep take a toll on life and shorten it with disease. Balancing this is important if you hope to live long and healthy.
Is life too hectic?  People always complain...
What can we do and how to disconnect?
Everyone has choices, the more chaotic the day gets, the more important it is to unwind and take a quick breather. That doesn’t mean extending our break time. Just leaning back and taking a minute to close the eyes and relax the tense muscles can help re-energize the body. 
Mind is a wonderful tool that serves us greatly but it is not what we are. Mind serves us, we don’t serve it.
 Due to over exertion, our well being gets majorly affected and people don’t know where to find temporary escapism. A place to reach out to rejuvenate and de-stress, a place to detach and find an atmosphere to contemplate self.
              Existing places like meditation centres help in providing solace yet end up catering only those having spirituality as the undertone. People especially the urban lot misinterprets spiritualism being a part of religion or for various other reasons end up neglecting the concepts of contemplation and silence which is in fact the most powerful tool for reformation and self-discovery.
It is observed that therapy centres and health resorts are mostly adopted by people as mandatory means to treat mental stress, diseases etc prescribed by doctors which is an extreme case. Also the ones serving its purpose lack proper infrastructure, ideal ambience and amenities that make them inconvenient and less approachable.
So what about those who have not reached the extreme yet suffering?
Do you have to resort to these spaces only in such extreme scenarios?
What about the ones unaware?
In today’s time, health is indeed wealth and to attain healthy mind and body the masses need to be conscious of the importance to detach and learn to live positively which on a macro scale brings a tremendous change in the way society functions.
The Aim
The aim of the centre will be to assist people to understand themselves, engage and participate in activities thus creating more balance and love within their lives.
To develop skills and learn to restore balance and gain control thus helping them de-stress.
 To promote well being and importance of healthy mind and body.
To teach the importance of good health within relaxed and peaceful environment via engaging in activities.

The Proposal
To provide a disciplined environment which shall be approached by people of all age groups to unwind, a destination to indulge in activities that help to loosen and relax mind and body.
A sustainable environment practising the art of meditation, various therapies, yoga and other techniques. Accommodation facility,  library, sport activities, artificial lagoons, multipurpose gathering spaces, performance area, provisions to promote various workshops and seminars, open air theatre and provision for further expansion.

                                                                                           Garima Gatne
                                                                                                     Final Year B’Arch
 p.s- researched online, referred few articles and finally started writing :)


I have been trying soo hard to find  motivation to write a story of some sorts, but cant come up with anything! :(


Somethings just hit you right at the correct time...
I have been slogging my ass off the whole of november..glad i recieved a break now...
just when i was contemplating which book to read, my book buddies bombarded me with a list , harry potter topped , but somehow i have always been reluctant on begining that series, afraid it mite take away many months...lol
Off late I am trying to believe in the signs I recieve, maybe its just co-incidence or what
but I bumped into stories about the secret society and there it goes.....I am starting with dan brown marathon!!..
waiting to buy copies soon...
besides a lot needs to be catched up now....


These days...meditation and kriya is happening much better than before...
I guess practise is making the difference :)


Few Points...

Its  amazing how I am suddenly feeling lazy and wasted the other week and everytime I try to pass my time...I am just surrounded by a lot of articles and books that make me question



some times..things r v clear and we even get the signs....we even know where we went wrong...but we still cling to the devil...trying to have a multi dimensional reason...
hmmm well its not ignorance or fear of some sorts...its just...the lack of efforts...



If I just had to keep one thing going, I'd know that it'll cost me heavy...If I just wanted to worship one thing, I'd have to waste a lot of time learning how to avoid the un-necessary...
everything comes with a baggage, like an accessory...But ill keep moving...between all those small irreversible changes, solving the un-necessary puzzles that a human being faces under the social being tag...
new is a lot of fun ...if only new didnt have hidden costs and inspite those biggie doubts I'd like to sail the ocean...believing me...
If only there was a manual...I wudve skipped few waves





3 Things that rock my life

Things that needed to be added are...

Things to be eliminated are


After a long time

after settling with the changes and grapling with them, A not so positive incident occured! ....I lost my wallet...!! as usual I cant figure it out where....im guessing this is one of the side effects of travelling cheap!
so, quite amazed with the recent changes... Have been spending a lot of time with myself, living a routine, learning new stuff, gaining confidence through work, dreaming about a lot of stuff related to books, movies, but mostly about 'me' 'I'..
reading atlas shrugged and amazed with the kind of effect a novel would induce in me...
A good thing, a rare thing always gives u strength and happiness and fills you with soo much of positivity


josette hat portrait

Done by this artist called Danny Roberts...I absolutely adore this portrait.


Blind Sculpturer

Oh how astounding am I,
Beautifully sculptured by an artist with a flair for perfection, with the desire for elegance and sophistication, with an air of mystery and delight, with strong likes and dislikes...
she was in the movies, she was in the music, she was in the painting, walking the streets she never visited, climbing mountains she never climbed, running in the fields she never ran, dancing in the night beneath the moon and starring stars that never stood above her, swinging on a swing that never swung.
You could fall in love with her...but the question was, will she ever think of loving you?
When he closed his eyes he dreamt of a woman he thought existed, who he plans to meet someday a woman who should just be. A purpose for his dreams, a response to his subconscious, a prediction from his soul...
Hate just doesn’t come; things and people make you hate them...
Love just doesn’t come; things and people make you love them...
(All the while you thought you were making it, in reality you were just trying...and trying doesn’t exist)
Never wanting her to grow old, he sculpted her...
Tick tock tick tock....time is moving, can’t you see? He is breathing? Can’t you see...? she appeared doing the usual in the songs he heard also in every movie he heard.
But in the colourlessness of his world the peace broke...and she spoke to him
W-‘I am there, beneath every woman who irritates you...beneath every woman who annoys you...behind every woman who pretends you don’t exist...
Who is always busy for you...who don’t understand you.
Who is always ignoring you...I exist, beneath every girl who gets into a brawl with you, beneath every ugly and beautiful...
The fortunate and the less fortunate one...the fat and thin looking...beneath shy and bold...
Under cultured and ill cultured.
I do exist, yes I do. I am there, beneath every one of them... But only one...Just one is made for you...
The synonym for made is complete...
So, here comes me..me that you created...me that you want to see..Me that you want to be with...



I started learning photoshop...yay!!
I am trying my luck with 3d max...
I started the p.p search...
and im doing the kriya everyday...gives me peace
completed a painting...waiting to frame it soon...
have to buy the book for sketching soon...:)


Its Sudarshan Kriya....... :)


The List

To do list..
(get rid of the paunch
search the firm for pp)coming 2 weeks...
start pp by june ending
learn 3d max and photoshop intensely
(learn italian
attend mba seminar)july
write essays
do the paintings and the sketching


Understanding the basics of politics

Different Forms Of Government
A Monarch is the person who heads a monarchy, a form of government in which a country or entity is usually ruled or controlled by an individual who normally rules for life or until abdication. Monarchs may be autocrats (absolute monarchy) or may be ceremonial heads of state who exercise little or no power or only reserve power, with actual authority vested in a parliament or other body (constitutional monarchy).
examples of Absolute monarchy-
Brunei, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Swaziland, Vatican city

Constitutional Monarchy-
uae, uk, thailand, sweden, spain, solomon island, papua new guinea, norway, new zealand, netherland, morocco, monaco, malaysia, kuwait, jordan, japan, jamaica, denmark, canada, bhutan, belgium, bahrain, bahamas, australia etc.

A republic government is a type of government where the citizens choose the leaders of their country and the people (or at least a part of its people) have an impact on its government.

 parliamentary republic-
A parliamentary republic or parliamentary constitutional republic is a type of republic which operates under a parliamentary system of government - meaning a system with no clear-cut separation between the executive and legislative branches, but with a clear differentiation between the head of government and the head of state and with the head of government holding real power.

Federal republic-
a federal union of states or provinces with a republican form of government. Examples include Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Germany, India, Russia, the United States, and Switzerland.

contd later...


Thank u

Thank u god,
for giving me few friends  who are soo true..
sometimes we take them for granted and in moments of solitude its just one call from them and ur mood is fixed..
some problems can only be solved by the 'friend medication'
god i luv them soo much.......thnk u thnk u thnk u


so fast so short

music- come home, one republic

I am not your movie, I aint in your movie, your slow and dark movie where you play the hero, The movie that you want everyone to watch and the tape is still rolling.you cant make a movie and not let others noe....I am not an actor like u...I am not acting.
But then you make me act and after a while dream and reality becomes the same for me.
because now I realise I am in the movie and now you make me watch this movie.
But when the movie ends one fine day..I shall walk out of the role and without me there wont be another sequel ...there might be another movie but I wont be there..who cares how it ends? who cares how you end? happy or sad , alive or dead.
Its not worthy.
Because I wont be there.


Extremely Random

Things around me...
People randomly getting married..
People getting busier..
People falling sick..
I falling sick..
Dicey plans..
Problems of cant saying No..

Winning is sweet..
Dreaming about anything and everything..
Soo much work but cant Do it!!

I need to plan out..


Planned my entire Life!!

Thoughts run..Life runs the marathon..Time runs sometimes
sometimes when you sit and watch..
Moments when you look back and see what has gone far away
we dont noe why..but few things are left behind...
why? why is it so that we have to lose things in order to gain something..
and why do these new things seem more meaningful than the others that we lost?
good deal isnt it?
I dont know the start but the nature has rules..unavoidable rules
life talks to us..
life revolves around realisation..
I feel like a grown up..with stars in my eyes..still dreaming about the future....my dreams..my desires(yeah they are materialistic also)
its like my own watch series where I am the protagonist/hero..
In life, you will always have one big dream..what is it? yeah i noe
and there is a way to reach to that dream..but due to unavoidable rules..the road ahead is unpredictable.. because things will never be just about you.
Things should fade away..pleasantly..and make way for new ones to come..
when I close my eyes..I see destiny standing in between two paths
destiny is ur finger and ur path is that burning match stick...you burn all the time you walked ..path 1 is when you thought you knew what you wanted..but for many reasons..things changed for you ..and your destiny changed..and path 2 is my way..the feeling of running in a dark tunnel with a belief that there is light at the end of it..nothing deviates me...nothing stops me from getting there...



Music-My Humps, BEP
omg...I tried soo hard to avoid Gossip Girl for soo long..but  I couldnt..I've started liking it way too much to avoid it..:P
So, the distractor has sent this site to distract me ...so I download Sex and the City epidose everyday..like an addict ...God save me!..m gonna be wasted soon..


you are on my wishlist baby..



A list of why?

Music- little of your time, Maroon 5
Mood-V.different in a good way :)
okay so here I am trying to desperately write something because there is soo much happening in my racing mind that I better get out of my system, all this between the sunday syndrome!

so here comes my super childish wannabe "A lists of why"
(long pause)
1.why didnt I realise before that I love fashion? and dude! I actually belong to the other side of the fence where women like to dress up..
2.why did I think for soo long that I am not a drinking person?( I can see mojito in front of me )
3.why am I attracted to only fair people? like that dangerous explicit level of attraction..
4.Oh shit...I am really very beautiful..why didnt I figure this out before? lol
5.so now I love shoes?
6.I like cats way beyond limits..why didnt I realise that I am obsessed with it?
7.why havent I painted something to be appreciated?am soo good at it!
8.why dont I play tennis anylonger? shit!
9.I love colognes damn it!! why I tot that its an unjustifiably expensive and unnecessary want.
10.why did I think of deviating from black? I still love it.
11.why are doctors so impressive and irritating at the same time?
12. why is my mom so sweet! :)
13.why do I love expensive cutlery?
14.why do I suddenly feel that blogging is cooler than Facebook?
15.when did I start liking this woman called Priyanka Chopra? (feels like del this)
14.why do I feel that Funk is cooler than classic rock? (rhcp>guns n roses)
15.why do I suddenly feel like a busy person in college? or..like super busy in general?
16.why do I feel bored of this list now?



By the way

Music-fall away, The Fray
Mood-Awesome inspite of spraining my left foot

If this world had not influenced me (unavoidable scenario), I would have chosen to be a loner..gosh! how much I love my company..hehahehahuhuhehehoho.The sole purpose that influenced me to write this is because it has been brought to my notice by almost all the people who know me decently well :-}.so its obvious that it is 100% true.
Like hardcore loner ha!. ME and the WORLD one on one.With the arrogance and endurance,will never give up and aggressive attitude ill rip you all one by one!!



Conversations under influence

some interesting facts about ego

When the ego is personified, it is like a slave to three harsh masters: the id, the super-ego, and the external world. It has to do its best to suit all three, thus is constantly feeling hemmed by the danger of causing discontent on two other sides. It is said, however, that the ego seems to be more loyal to the id, preferring to gloss over the finer details of reality to minimise conflicts while pretending to have a regard for reality. But the super-ego is constantly watching every one of the ego's moves and punishes it with feelings of guilt, anxiety, and inferiority. To overcome this the ego employs defense mechanisms.The defense mechanisms are not done so directly or consciously. They lessen the tension by covering up our impulses that are threatening.
Denial, displacement, intellectualisation, fantasy, compensation, projection, rationalisation, reaction formation, regression, repression, and sublimation were the defense mechanisms.

The Super-ego works in contradiction to the id. The Super-ego strives to act in a socially appropriate manner, whereas the id just wants instant self-gratification. The Super-ego controls our sense of right and wrong and guilt. It helps us fit into society by getting us to act in socially acceptable ways.[1]
The Super-ego's demands oppose the id’s, so the ego has a hard time in reconciling the two.

R-you are practical...and practical people become managers. I am a musician..i am emotional..and emotional people become Leaders.
G-my ego is bigger than anything in this world.My ego makes the decisions..not me.Thats how I am.therefore, I am.....



Under all the confusion lays me. I don’t know where I am heading towards ; only with a rough sketch in my mind I walk ahead, not that I want to know what I want. The whole concept of that question seems like an illusion to me. Trying to fit into everything and then withdrawing back out of the fear of losing faith, it seems tiring now that things passed this way.
The fear of not belonging there wants me to come back home. All this while the only motivation was accomplishing the task that pushed me ahead and back then all this wasn’t an issue. Inarguably change is for the better. But after a while you feel the need to change and come back home.
I worked very hard for NASA so much that honestly I didn’t even realise how much it meant to me when the results were announced and I cried like a baby after losing. Our NASA was rather a controversial, scandalising experience.Ofcourse that was just during ending. The beginning plus the process was very exciting and unique for me. I wished that it just ended there. As it is said that it’s not the destination but the journey that matters after all. This journey could be literally compared to a remote Indian village where you are riding in a comfortable vehicle just that it’s a kuccha road ahead due to which you can’t properly sit, sleep, and eat; you complain about the harsh sun and lack of amenities yet wholly it’s the humbling experience that etches in your heart.
I for once hate to give out the details, but I am glad that I got involved in this. Happy to figure out that in spite of all the unfairness, the satisfaction of learning out of experience and people taught me valuable lessons .The change has begun.....................


there are some days without a smile