best the new beginning

this world...our world..should advance rapidly..and i have no idea how long it will take for this advancement but it should....something like the stuff that we see in sci-fi..
i believe this advancement will open up.....open up the eyes of all those who are sleeping and clueless..the ones who are soo ignorant! and here i dont mean.. to blame them by calling them ignorant..please..who am i to do that ya!
i cant believe this but all of a sudden i am noticing poverty around me from a different point of view..i see beggars crawing bridges..small kids with no legs and hands..no clothes to wear..
a shabby looking man being questioned by the tc on the platform..the same woman everyday at the traffic signal..begging!a poor man running soo hard to catch the train along with the heavy basket on his head..the other day i went to this construction site to understand pile foundation and i fucking cudnt bear the heat even for 30 min...and i saw labourers sweating their ass off
i mean i am not getting emotional about this..it doesnt help..i dont bloody thank god..or i mean...thats not what i am trying to put here..but ..why cant this world..become best!
like say if it is in such a condition where people have to beg in order to live..when will the time come when we all ... i mean we ALL become such ..that begging or stealing food doesnt exist ...poverty will not exist...at all!
and then the world becomes best! where we all compete for something bigger and better than best!
where every1 is self sufficient..intelligent ..and happy..
poverty is very very disturbing..
today just when i was about to get down from train ..this v.poor woman with 2 small kids and a big bag got into first clss..and all the others roared at her..and mind u there were 2 more kids with her husband! GOD!
she got freaked and started crying! coz she apparently was going to see another kid of theirs who was battling for life..ufff..why so many kids?isnt that stupidity! when u cant raise them well..why bring them in this world ?
let us all be best so that we can raise hundreds of them ;)


there are some days without a smile