fountain pen

the pen has parts
the pen needs to work
the pen sometimes doesnt work
the nib is the mouth..it freely flows
the pen has a body
some are fat some are slim
the pen has different moods
it is red when angry,it is black when sad,it is white when happy,it is blue when it feels blue,the pen is green when serene...
the pen needs the topen...every pen comes with its topen
the pen has the stomach ..the pen cries,the pen writes,the pen falls,the pen breaks,the pen rests,the pen works,the pen rolls,the pen sketches.
the pen always works because somebody makes it work
the pen scribbles sometimes
the pen writes beautifully sometimes
the pen is ina hurry
the pen is poetic sometimes
the pen is artistic sometimes
the pen is all about you sometimes
the pen is all about me sometimes
the pen goes against you
the pen loves you sometimes
the pen hates you!
the pen writes!
the pen imitates....the pen breaks ...
the pen does evrything what we do
pen is we....we r pens!


there are some days without a smile