I sometimes wonder what beauty is....How judgmental our mind is....
it makes me pukey when I try and not be judgmental....how can we draw conclusions without being judgmental at some point?
is beauty flawless?do I need it? well, yes its subjective but...will it become less attractive?
I create...u create...we create....but the real beauty doesn't lie there...if only our mind agrees!!


Paul Van Dyk-Crush
I am a crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy crazy....crazzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyy girl.........because I am craazzyyyyyyyyy!!!! :)


But it makes me wait...

If I start counting my dreams it occurs to me that they have many layers .They look like a ballroom gown.Beautiful knots and an exquisite fabric that is soft to touch.
just like my dreams....flowy, natural and stupende....
it has many layers which otherwise hold importance individually.
If I try to dig inside them, I know that most of them are not desires but needs of every soul binded by a thread called love.
tailor made.
so everytime I begin to dream, its actually the same thing all over again but with different knots and change of hues.
I adore my gowns.
But it takes courage to carry them off....I wonder what if I trip and fall? I have to climb those stairs ...
my gowns should fit me right :)
The sketch is ready
it will take a while to make them now...
let nothing change, let nothing make it less grand and stunning...
Because I will adorn them someday
And it makes me wait...


wow its been soo long since I actually thought of blogging my thoughts ...
but its difficult to not confront some of my budding rather irrational demands which seem more like goals ...
its funny how the smallest of thought can actually grow on you after a while...
never say never babyyy


I want a shield to guard me from silly opinions which are not factual.
The gut to stick along and believe in my story
and amazing comebacks that justify my purpose every now and then when I am caught offguard.
Thats it!


there are some days without a smile