of war and worlds

In my dreams i am dying all the time,as i wake its kaleidoscopic mind.
I never meant to hurt you ..
I never meant to lie ..So this is goodbye ...This is goodbye ..Tell the truth you never wanted me.. Tell me In my dreams ..I'm jealous all the time ..
As I wake I'm going out of my mind Going out of my mind ...
war is illegal..war is hell..war is the time when life becomes death or who noes worse than that.
the turbulance in life when you loose everything that you have.losing your world that made you u.disunion with what you are,what you were..war detached you with what you wanted to be.
inequitable doom.
implacable crumps she heard bought her world crashing down..her world was as cynical as it could possibly get.. puff of bullets hitting her people ..not a moment of peace..
nowhere she could find a quiet place to sit and rest just to calm her shaken mind.
witnessing her world falling apart her stubborn,obstinate crisis tore her world apart..
cinema has shown us decades of violence and some of the movies contain the most naturalistic depiction of what happens when human beings are shot dead with rifles or ripped apart by grenades.
This war just like most of the others that took place in the past had a serious moral issue.
eccentric! really bizzare means ..to achieve something by means of destruction.
how can you gain something by bleeding lives? where to go? and what if her world never got built again?...what if she lived just to die ?
flogged soul.the emptiness..when all life she lived to fill the voids and tying knots,today she had nothing to give.
it ends and everything is done with.people bit the dust. she was desolated and devastated to the point that she lost all the connection..connection with what? well...her world?it doesnt exist anymore..
she was a child of ruination.
there are two ways of looking at everything,not necessarily white or black.life really is in shades of grey and in that sense silence is the grey word.we observe moment of silence when people die in order to remember and reflect the event,yet there are times when silence is soo negative,things fall apart because of noiselessness.
but it is not words(presence of speech) but actions that causes attactment..and while walking down the lane,indifferent towards aftermath ,she found him, looking at her from his innocent ,lost eyes .
he was a kid left alone in the streets due to ongoing battle.
she didnt noe why or how she thought of this,but in her heart he was the ray of hope.
she took him in her arms and hugged him hard.stared into his watery eyes and decided to make him her world,her family and not due to egotistic reason.
silence is all they spoke while she left untraced ,waiting to be healed.
attachment is healing.


there are some days without a smile