Planned my entire Life!!

Thoughts run..Life runs the marathon..Time runs sometimes
sometimes when you sit and watch..
Moments when you look back and see what has gone far away
we dont noe why..but few things are left behind...
why? why is it so that we have to lose things in order to gain something..
and why do these new things seem more meaningful than the others that we lost?
good deal isnt it?
I dont know the start but the nature has rules..unavoidable rules
life talks to us..
life revolves around realisation..
I feel like a grown up..with stars in my eyes..still dreaming about the future....my dreams..my desires(yeah they are materialistic also)
its like my own watch series where I am the protagonist/hero..
In life, you will always have one big dream..what is it? yeah i noe
and there is a way to reach to that dream..but due to unavoidable rules..the road ahead is unpredictable.. because things will never be just about you.
Things should fade away..pleasantly..and make way for new ones to come..
when I close my eyes..I see destiny standing in between two paths
destiny is ur finger and ur path is that burning match stick...you burn all the time you walked ..path 1 is when you thought you knew what you wanted..but for many reasons..things changed for you ..and your destiny changed..and path 2 is my way..the feeling of running in a dark tunnel with a belief that there is light at the end of it..nothing deviates me...nothing stops me from getting there...

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