Seeking the lost layers...
A necessity for social development
If  architecture can influence mind, then definitely it can affect health because, health and mind have indissoluble connection .At present, our wants have become needs and the list of our wants are endless to fulfil . An age of never-ending demands and constant pressure from every sphere of our day to day life, urban population faces challenges and impediments that does not allow the mind to settle anddisconnect’. There is such a rush to get to the next moment; we don’t appreciate the current moment, facing anxieties due to burden of responsibilities and various other factors. A typical day is reduced to living in the cubicle! Which begins at home, leading to workspace and so on...dealing with the unwanted and the unavoidable?
A hectic life is the norm for many people today. There never seems to be enough time to do everything that needs doing, nor is there any time to simply relax and simply do nothing. But a hectic lifestyle is a stressful lifestyle and many people simply don't know how to cope with the many stresses placed on them. Unfortunately, the inability to cope leads to many mental and physical problems. Chronic depression, fatigue and lack of sleep take a toll on life and shorten it with disease. Balancing this is important if you hope to live long and healthy.
Is life too hectic?  People always complain...
What can we do and how to disconnect?
Everyone has choices, the more chaotic the day gets, the more important it is to unwind and take a quick breather. That doesn’t mean extending our break time. Just leaning back and taking a minute to close the eyes and relax the tense muscles can help re-energize the body. 
Mind is a wonderful tool that serves us greatly but it is not what we are. Mind serves us, we don’t serve it.
 Due to over exertion, our well being gets majorly affected and people don’t know where to find temporary escapism. A place to reach out to rejuvenate and de-stress, a place to detach and find an atmosphere to contemplate self.
              Existing places like meditation centres help in providing solace yet end up catering only those having spirituality as the undertone. People especially the urban lot misinterprets spiritualism being a part of religion or for various other reasons end up neglecting the concepts of contemplation and silence which is in fact the most powerful tool for reformation and self-discovery.
It is observed that therapy centres and health resorts are mostly adopted by people as mandatory means to treat mental stress, diseases etc prescribed by doctors which is an extreme case. Also the ones serving its purpose lack proper infrastructure, ideal ambience and amenities that make them inconvenient and less approachable.
So what about those who have not reached the extreme yet suffering?
Do you have to resort to these spaces only in such extreme scenarios?
What about the ones unaware?
In today’s time, health is indeed wealth and to attain healthy mind and body the masses need to be conscious of the importance to detach and learn to live positively which on a macro scale brings a tremendous change in the way society functions.
The Aim
The aim of the centre will be to assist people to understand themselves, engage and participate in activities thus creating more balance and love within their lives.
To develop skills and learn to restore balance and gain control thus helping them de-stress.
 To promote well being and importance of healthy mind and body.
To teach the importance of good health within relaxed and peaceful environment via engaging in activities.

The Proposal
To provide a disciplined environment which shall be approached by people of all age groups to unwind, a destination to indulge in activities that help to loosen and relax mind and body.
A sustainable environment practising the art of meditation, various therapies, yoga and other techniques. Accommodation facility,  library, sport activities, artificial lagoons, multipurpose gathering spaces, performance area, provisions to promote various workshops and seminars, open air theatre and provision for further expansion.

                                                                                           Garima Gatne
                                                                                                     Final Year B’Arch
 p.s- researched online, referred few articles and finally started writing :)


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