A list of why?

Music- little of your time, Maroon 5
Mood-V.different in a good way :)
okay so here I am trying to desperately write something because there is soo much happening in my racing mind that I better get out of my system, all this between the sunday syndrome!

so here comes my super childish wannabe "A lists of why"
(long pause)
1.why didnt I realise before that I love fashion? and dude! I actually belong to the other side of the fence where women like to dress up..
2.why did I think for soo long that I am not a drinking person?( I can see mojito in front of me )
3.why am I attracted to only fair people? like that dangerous explicit level of attraction..
4.Oh shit...I am really very beautiful..why didnt I figure this out before? lol
5.so now I love shoes?
6.I like cats way beyond limits..why didnt I realise that I am obsessed with it?
7.why havent I painted something to be appreciated?am soo good at it!
8.why dont I play tennis anylonger? shit!
9.I love colognes damn it!! why I tot that its an unjustifiably expensive and unnecessary want.
10.why did I think of deviating from black? I still love it.
11.why are doctors so impressive and irritating at the same time?
12. why is my mom so sweet! :)
13.why do I love expensive cutlery?
14.why do I suddenly feel that blogging is cooler than Facebook?
15.when did I start liking this woman called Priyanka Chopra? (feels like del this)
14.why do I feel that Funk is cooler than classic rock? (rhcp>guns n roses)
15.why do I suddenly feel like a busy person in college? or..like super busy in general?
16.why do I feel bored of this list now?

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