Dedicated to Banganga

cursing my destiny for not bringing me to this place before..and slapping myself for not clicking more photos! since my brain was in the auto mode!


my class trip

its amazing how a city can make u feel..i have repeatedly read it somewhere that people will forget what you told them,what you did to them..but they will never forget how you made them feel. absolutely true.i had been to delhi and agra before with my parents ..and to be honest ..it had kinda bored me to death and plus i was quite young to rationalize or even think of having opinions about the places i visited..it literally bored me..and i have absolutely no memories as such.

when i went for my class trip this year..i had no idea how it might turn out..i love my classmates and class trips are a perfect getaway with a bunch of known people and trust me..even if it had been to dharavi it wud have still rocked! but 2 weeks was a lot of time....and it kind of became a big boss situation for us :P

maybe India is not a big canvas and there are literally no places in here that would make u awe or appreciate something you havent seen..something related to the present day time..something that we can connect with you noe..

so this time it was history that did the charm..love it or hate it..moghul architecture is grand..flamboyant..the fact that no one will built all this ever again is enough a reason to appreciate it..(nobody would want to..is a different thing)..(Hrithik roshan..iss so bloody Akbar for me ..and will always be :-} )...

Agra is not a modern day city...that city is....old..it is still soo old..and if historical sites out there continue to throb millions of people like us ...it would be caged in a very wierd time period..and it would be fun to go there 20 years from now..i would love to figure out how it would make me feel then...

its like someone gave u that time machine where you just went back hundreds of years ago..and listen to events happend there..because everything in someway or the other is woven in that strong past..from beggars to businessmen..earn a living there due to its historic presence..Agra is a place where time machine could take you to...because it makes you feel ancient..atleast thats the best way i could describe it..

moving to chandigarh.......................GUYS that place isss awesomee...i was jealous of that place man..the weather,cheap booze,wide wide roads..(its a planned city btw)that city is soo fair with people..its a bit monotonus but still..every morning bought a smile on my face and cute punjabi guys kept me going :P and if you want antonym for mumbai its apt..that city has everything every mumbaikar wants! i am not really a big fan of brutalism but its a very justified and a huge example landed in india to be appreciated..not my style thou..panjab university is by far the best university i have visited.. that structure would want you to be a part of it forever..:-}

then comes Delhi...(and we dont care if its the capital of our country)..minus the fact that it is clean and ohh yeah the METRO..which is the only point it scores over any damn thing in our country..delhi is damn shady man! I didnt like the people there..they were not perverts.. but..they somehow were unfriendly.....cheaters in the dark..invisible crooks..as if u noe u have to be cautious about everything you do..and if ur a chick..its even more..shieks! people seemed satisfied but unavailable for some reason...i didnt find one single man or group of notorious kids there...like we see in mumbai! those pain in the asses..matter of fact..there was no humour in the air..minus the India gate(rem the scene in rdb?) and rashtrapati bhavan that ozzed out patriotism in all of us...delhi had nothing to offer to me..delhi was depressing atleast for a mumbaikar..

as i am pretty bad with endings..i just want to add one last thing..mumbai is dirty and congested n all that plus with the weather thats getting worse day by day..we all love and value bombay..because it makes me what i am today..Bombay is beautiful..

What I feel for Bombay you will never know. Its like the pure love for a beautiful woman, gratitude for her existance, and devotion to her living presence. If Bombay were a creature with flesh and blood, with my blood type. Rh negative - and very often I think she is - then I would give her a transfusion down to my last drop, to save her life.-Shantaram


there are some days without a smile