so fast so short

music- come home, one republic

I am not your movie, I aint in your movie, your slow and dark movie where you play the hero, The movie that you want everyone to watch and the tape is still rolling.you cant make a movie and not let others noe....I am not an actor like u...I am not acting.
But then you make me act and after a while dream and reality becomes the same for me.
because now I realise I am in the movie and now you make me watch this movie.
But when the movie ends one fine day..I shall walk out of the role and without me there wont be another sequel ...there might be another movie but I wont be there..who cares how it ends? who cares how you end? happy or sad , alive or dead.
Its not worthy.
Because I wont be there.

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there are some days without a smile