words and languages:simpler the better? (something that we already noe)

she doesnt know what happend millions of years ago because 'her journey' began few years back thou there were these intelligent 'humans' who could trace the journey of our specie and educated us about the evolution of life..according to me the best discovery ever.we believed it.period.i mean we were amoeba long time ago! i start wondering everytime i think of this..(dude..amoeba!)
she has been landed here without her consent... i mean when would and how would you ask her consent by the ways! lol...she was in the making no.....
skipping few years she is now at the age where she has begun to rationalize her thoughts i.e she no longer has to touch a parked car everytime she passes by because 'she noes' how it feels..(she is not rani mukherjii of black) she is a normal human being .
she talks and when she talks there are these certain words that imbibes feelings.there are some words no matter how much intimidating and dumb they would make u 'feel' at the end of the day they ...... wouldnt mean anything to you ...because you dont noe how they feel...
you noe how 'hug' feels..i hope you noe how 'kiss' feels... every word carries a meaning and even the word meaning in itself..as we all noe words form sentences and finally a language!
there are.....ummmmm many languages spoken all over the world ..some gaining a lot of importance and necessity for 'communication'.
she got vacations and she taught of using her time by learning something that she has never learnt before..she remembers eating godiva and ages later discovering that the 'word' she pronounced as godiva is not the correct pronunciation..thou the feeling was the same because she had tasted it... she felt terribly dumb.she noes few people in her family who kept making these kind of errors in english while they were getting educated because there was no one to correct them ...there was no google... ( i bet they must have pronounced it as googley and god noes what kind of reading sessions their mind must have registered) to teach them the right way to pronounce these 'words'.
out of all the languages she picked up the coolest one ...'french' (many colleges prefer to include this language in the curriculum and i still dont understand the importance) .from my knowledge i gather that a lot of words in other languages have been picked up from french (so what!)
she kept learning it...and she could now understand the vowel boundaries which are soo inconvenient ....which makes the language a bit difficult to grasp..she learnt it fair enough to communicate it with others ...i mean she spent considerable amount of time learning this thing only to realise that the words feel the same ....goodbye means the same in all languages.....why? because you noe how goodbye feels,even worse ..how a forever goodbye will make you feel.

how advanced are we and how similar are we all ...... on these face of earth that the same word in thousand languages will get out the same emotions.....so she wonderd as to why she learnt it in the first place because even after getting comfortable with the language..it didnt make her feel better ..or different because she wanted to do something diferent...
it will only make sense if she plans to live in france tomorrow..oresle other than getting the brand names correct ..its of no 'use'.
one of the best lines of coelho,from 'brida'-(even though its a little out of context of this topic.)
'god manifests himself in everything,but the word is one of his most favoured methods of doing so,because the word is thought transformed into vibration; you are projecting into the air around you something which, before,was only energy.take great care with everything you say''the word has more power than many rituals'.


the great mystery

she lived a secret life that no one knew..she had a world within herself,her dreams..her likes and dislikes..her occasional fears and too many voices that told her what to do and what not to do .this happend in her secret life. she also had a set of people that she choose to open up with out there because she knew that she had nothing to fear,her inner thoughts formed an inner life for her.when she was young she was taught that soul and body form a human being.

As you change your beliefs you change the world you experience.

she planned things when the moment was 'over' and wasted another moment planning for the moment that is present which got over again..

life was like this for her inside...because the outer life was filled with materialization and virtualization and her inner life consisted of fantasies,dreams and emotions experienced subjectively.

she thought she had a deep soul i.e she always thought deeply, because she believed in her 'innerspace' tremendously and kept exploring it .

we possessed innerspace and outerspace and then as and when time progressed newer worlds were added...now she has cyberspace,socialspace,infospace thanks to the internet world,her social life and the advancement of science respectively she kept switching in and out of these worlds...without realising that they all are not the same...she has multiple personalities..and lives in different worlds existing on similar grounds ...but
but..............but....................................one thing is common.................that keeps following her....her essence ...her core...her 'divine soul'.
when she analysed herself she realised that she has no control over it and that she would be living like this...she doesnt mind because every one is....and what makes it fine is the fact that she needs to be happy in whichever world she is in...
she now searches for a higher level of understanding to be revealed so that she never lets moments pass by like this...and gradually forgets about these different worlds because there is and will be one soul but there will always be many worlds to live in...


send your love

Send your love into the future ,
Send your love into the distant dawnInside your mind is a relay station,
A mission probe into the unknowingWe send a seed to a distant future,
Then we can watch the galaxies growing,
This ain't no time for doubting your power,
This ain't no time for hiding your care,
You're climbing down from an ivory tower,
You've got a stake in the world we ought to share,
You see the stars are moving so slowly,
But still the earth is moving so fast,
Can't you see the moon is so lonely,
She's still trapped in the pain of the past,
This is the time of the worlds colliding,
This is the time of kingdoms falling'
This is the time of the worlds dividing,
Time to heed your call,
Send your love into the future,
Send your precious love into some distant time,
And fix that wounded planet with the love of your healing ,

Send your love.
Send your love .

There's no religion but sex and music,
There's no religion but sound and dancing,
There's no religion but line and color,
There's no religion but sacred trance'
There's no religion but the endless ocean,
There's no religion but the moon and stars,
There's no religion but time and motion,
There's no religion, just tribal scars,
Throw a pebble in and watch the ocean,
See the ripples vanish in the distance,
It's just the same with all the emotions,
It's just the same in every instance,
There's no religion but the joys of rhythm,
There's no religion but the rites of Spring,
There's no religion in the path of hate,
No prayer but the one I sing.

Send your love into the future,
Send your precious love into some distant time ,
And fix that wounded planet with the love of your healing ,

Send your love .
Send your love .

There's no religion but sex and music,
There's no religion that's right or winning,
There's no religion in the path of hatred,
Ain't no prayer but the one I'm singing,

Send your love.
Send your love.


the source

the influence of something on your actions.impulsiveness as you would term.it is generating from this source which is technically speakin doesnt hold importance,but then it drives me .i need sumthing which drives me,a determination which comes from a source.but what if that source is happiness and sadness also.its like a flowing river.the sadness has profound obsession in it and life seems so empty and sick without it.it is a delirium of some sort.i guess it was always in that fashion for me.the source is a microcosm of macrocosm.
have u realised what happens when u stop the flowing river?when you block the source?
you cannot describe the state of mind! the source is blessing and a curse.it lets me grow but at the same times it hinders me from growing.it is a bit wierd.let me not camouflage it but it is some sort of an inexplicable feeling which i love tripping over.it is subconsiously influencing me .it has become an innervoice.do you noe how it feels when u decide to end the innervoice?
well the circle always comes to an end and it is said that everything in life is temporary.so what do i see now? going through that same again? all i noe is that i cant change myself from being what i am..i noe what it is..it is soo pure that i wouldnt reveal it to any one! it is soo difficult to accept certain things in life...you just dont want them to end..sometimes things just change in flicker of time .even if things happen gradually,they still end! i mean even if you dont block it,it will end.
so what next ? shall we force ourself to wait for the new beginning ? because it will end anyways! or wait for something that shall influence our mind to leap towards the beginning! but the point is will it always be like this? there is no point in anticipating future .im growing in terms of experience but im corroding from inside.but i still have faith ...you noe that one letter word which is so driving and powerful..now from this time onwards it shall be a secret within myself because the source has become a shame for me.i cant believe this but it was expected.


fountain pen

the pen has parts
the pen needs to work
the pen sometimes doesnt work
the nib is the mouth..it freely flows
the pen has a body
some are fat some are slim
the pen has different moods
it is red when angry,it is black when sad,it is white when happy,it is blue when it feels blue,the pen is green when serene...
the pen needs the topen...every pen comes with its topen
the pen has the stomach ..the pen cries,the pen writes,the pen falls,the pen breaks,the pen rests,the pen works,the pen rolls,the pen sketches.
the pen always works because somebody makes it work
the pen scribbles sometimes
the pen writes beautifully sometimes
the pen is ina hurry
the pen is poetic sometimes
the pen is artistic sometimes
the pen is all about you sometimes
the pen is all about me sometimes
the pen goes against you
the pen loves you sometimes
the pen hates you!
the pen writes!
the pen imitates....the pen breaks ...
the pen does evrything what we do
pen is we....we r pens!


city of arts and science,valencia,spain-arc santiago calatrava

'City of Arts and Sciences' in Valencia, Spain, features planetarium and science museum that make extensive use of laminated glass

Valencia's planetarium (left) and science museum opened in 2000.
A newly opened 'City of Arts and Sciences' in Valencia, Spain features a planetarium and science museum that both make extensive use of laminated glass to achieve "a challenging and audacious architectural assembly", in the words of architect Santiago Calatrava, also of Valencia.
The planetarium globe, which houses a viewing theatre, is roofed over by an elliptical shell structure of laminated glass and aluminum with longitudinal sections that can open to the sky. The globe is cradled like the pupil of an eye in a concrete socket, which is sheltered by the laminated glass pod.
Jose' Magrans of laminator St Gobain Cristaleria S.A. told LGN: "The 1,500 m2 roof is composed of 372 irregularly-shaped lites of laminated tempered glass. We recommended this specification to architect Calatrava for optimal safety and strength. The challenge was to produce glass of such large dimensions (3.1 m x 1.8 m) with a four-point assembly."
"The planetarium's extensive glass floors are a four-ply laminated glass construction consisting of one layer of anti-slip, acid-etched, 6 mm tempered glass on top, followed by three 10 mm layers of glass. If the floor gets cracked, the PVB ensures that it will stay in place until repair can be effected. There is also 500 m2 of 20.76 mm laminated glass used in balustrades throughout the building. This was the strongest, safest and best-looking solution. .The Science Park development also features a science museum by Calatrava and Cristaleria Espanola. A white supporting concrete framework facing south-east is filled in with laminated glass panels.


The Light

this candle will light my blog.


Some lines of Brida..

'In his or her life, each person can take one of two attitudes: to build or to plant. Builders may take years over their tasks, but one day they will finish what they are doing. Then they will stop, hemmed in by their own walls. Life becomes meaningless once the building is finished. Those who plant suffer the storms and the seasons and rarely rest. Unlike a building, a garden never stops growing. And by its constant demands on the gardner's attentions, it makes of the gardener's life a great adventure.'

she spent her life in pursuit of what she believed in.the only problem was that she believed in something different everyday.

brida- but how will i know who my soulmate is?
wicca-by the light in their eyes.

'sometimes we set off down a path simply because we don't believe in it.it's easy enough.all we have to do then is prove that it isn't the right path for us.however,when things start to happen,and the path does reveal itself to us,we become afraid of carrying on'.

'god manifests himself in everything,but the word is one of his most favoured methods of doing so,because the word is thought transformed into vibration; you are projecting into the air around you something which, before,was only energy.take great care with everything you say'
'the word has more power than many rituals'
'emotions are like wildhorses'.


pondering about the emptiness

ok...the most fu8888 day of my life was on sunday!! i can never frget this day ever in my life...no need to put in more words coz this much is enough to get me nostalgic..hahah
well ...i went to college today..i suppose maybe i dislike the people around me...or its just that i like to be alone...well wat!! i mean am i becoming a loner or sumthing...apart from that big result burden on me...this day was kinda empty...met those familiar faces...ate the yummy bhurji pav after sooo many months..felt good..atleast did nt feel jobless...but coudnt hide the insecurity frm myself! went fr a cup of coffe at barista..to admit v honestly.. was lost ..feelin all empty ....and i terribly missed aarts yaa..wish she was there today....:-( m praying that nidhi changes for better...lol
came home..felt better...atleast no shiity submissions as of now!!
too bored to sleep n go to coll tom...but....i have to...dun feel like missing the subjects introduction and moreover..i might feel lost and restless at home...
this rain is doing wonders to me...wish i cud jus enjoy them a bit more.. i guess i will be able to by next months time..
m enjoyin salsa a lot...hoping that i learn more and come out in the open..


fondness for khalil gibran

khalil gibran(1883-1931) was a lebanese american artist ,writer and poet He is the third bestselling poet in history after shakespear and lao tse..
i am a huge fan of his poetry and writing.his book the prophet is of 26 poetic essays written in english in 1923.it is about the prophet Almustafa who has lived in the foreign city of Orphalese for 12 years and is about to board a ship which will carry him home. He is stopped by a group of people, with whom he discusses many issues of life and the human condition. The book is divided into chapters dealing with love, marriage, children, giving, eating and drinking, work, joy and sorrow, houses, clothes, buying and selling, crime and punishment, laws, freedom, reason and passion, pain, self-knowledge, teaching, friendship, talking, time, good and evil, prayer, pleasure, beauty, religion, and death. The book is Gibran's best known work..
here are few of his quotes ..i found from the net
on love-
For even as love crowns you so shall he crucify you.Even as he is for your growth so is he for your pruning.
Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself.But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires:To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.To know the pain of too much tenderness.To be wounded by your own understanding of love;And to bleed willingly and joyfully.To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving;To rest at the noon hour and meditate love's ecstasy; to return home at eventide with gratitude;And then to sleep with a prayer for the beloved in your heart and a song of praise upon your lips.
On Joy and Sorrow
Your joy is your sorrow unmasked.And the selfsame well from which yourlaughter rises was oftentime filled with your tears...When you are joyous, look deep intoyour heart and you shall find it is onlythat which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy.When you are sorrowful look again inyour heart, and you shall see that in truthyou are weeping for that which has beenyour delight.
On Friendship
Your friend is your needs answered.He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving.And he is your board and your fireside.For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace.
And let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit. For love that seeks aught but the disclosure of its own mystery is not love but a net cast forth: and only the unprofitable is caught.


there are some days without a smile