my fishy feeling

music-Hysteria, def leppard
i feel like being a fish...a dainty ,radiant and thin one with a bushy tail, more desirably orange in colour..or maybe my desperateness that would compromise being an ugly one,would still do i guess.
living in a grand aquarium all on my own.. moving swiftly in the water...wagging my tail ....
naming myself 'shieks' hehe.
i want to noe how it feels like to be a live water animal...
i want to feel what it is like when people gather around me and look at the way i move gently ,i stop ,i stare and move swiftly in the water ..even though this might feel similar.
my water .
sooner or later a face comes as ..it does inevitably and stares at me ..long and hard....he would stick his face and stare at me..knock my house and shake my water...big eyes that will try to scare me ,to trouble me .
it could be for FUN.
but i noe that it cant reach me,it cant touch me...it cant hear me..because im safe there..
there are no alarms and no surprises.........................................only peace and water and me


there are some days without a smile