Yo there
made  an interesting attempt last week.
Thanks to the routine and the comapany of food lovers, I have definitely turned into a foodie.
I always knew I had enough hogging tendencies to understand that I actually do love food.
But the truth is that I hate spending money on food...especially since its become kinda expensive.
mumbai is turning into a sly city where one major  way to have a good time is by going outdoor for meals and most of them really rob you by serving you over priced pretentious dishes.
well variety is there but its not that innovative...so me dislikes...
If I were a chef I would have got a brilliant platform to experiment but I dont see much of that happening..
the menus sort of start looking similar..
same number of choices whether its ordering wine or going for some wannabe Italian dish.
Where are the budding entrepreneurs ???
Its not like I am asking for a fine dining experience. But come on something should be done about it!
so after lots of hogging and drinking I decided to give my liver and intestine some time to recover and went on a random veg and fruit diet.
basically my goal was to avoid oil , junk etc unhealthy food and I succeeded in doing so.
and as an established knowledge ...such plans don't function on Saturdays unless one is planing to turn  into a supermodel which I am not!!
so I managed to have lotsa healthy food and It did make me feel good and all ...but turns out there is way too much scope to improve my diet experience by experimenting with food stuff..
so I think I might get into this whole cooking business and start experimenting with food!
looks like in the coming months the trend is going to change.
fingers crossed! :)


there are some days without a smile