words and languages:simpler the better? (something that we already noe)

she doesnt know what happend millions of years ago because 'her journey' began few years back thou there were these intelligent 'humans' who could trace the journey of our specie and educated us about the evolution of life..according to me the best discovery ever.we believed it.period.i mean we were amoeba long time ago! i start wondering everytime i think of this..(dude..amoeba!)
she has been landed here without her consent... i mean when would and how would you ask her consent by the ways! lol...she was in the making no.....
skipping few years she is now at the age where she has begun to rationalize her thoughts i.e she no longer has to touch a parked car everytime she passes by because 'she noes' how it feels..(she is not rani mukherjii of black) she is a normal human being .
she talks and when she talks there are these certain words that imbibes feelings.there are some words no matter how much intimidating and dumb they would make u 'feel' at the end of the day they ...... wouldnt mean anything to you ...because you dont noe how they feel...
you noe how 'hug' feels..i hope you noe how 'kiss' feels... every word carries a meaning and even the word meaning in itself..as we all noe words form sentences and finally a language!
there are.....ummmmm many languages spoken all over the world ..some gaining a lot of importance and necessity for 'communication'.
she got vacations and she taught of using her time by learning something that she has never learnt before..she remembers eating godiva and ages later discovering that the 'word' she pronounced as godiva is not the correct pronunciation..thou the feeling was the same because she had tasted it... she felt terribly dumb.she noes few people in her family who kept making these kind of errors in english while they were getting educated because there was no one to correct them ...there was no google... ( i bet they must have pronounced it as googley and god noes what kind of reading sessions their mind must have registered) to teach them the right way to pronounce these 'words'.
out of all the languages she picked up the coolest one ...'french' (many colleges prefer to include this language in the curriculum and i still dont understand the importance) .from my knowledge i gather that a lot of words in other languages have been picked up from french (so what!)
she kept learning it...and she could now understand the vowel boundaries which are soo inconvenient ....which makes the language a bit difficult to grasp..she learnt it fair enough to communicate it with others ...i mean she spent considerable amount of time learning this thing only to realise that the words feel the same ....goodbye means the same in all languages.....why? because you noe how goodbye feels,even worse ..how a forever goodbye will make you feel.

how advanced are we and how similar are we all ...... on these face of earth that the same word in thousand languages will get out the same emotions.....so she wonderd as to why she learnt it in the first place because even after getting comfortable with the language..it didnt make her feel better ..or different because she wanted to do something diferent...
it will only make sense if she plans to live in france tomorrow..oresle other than getting the brand names correct ..its of no 'use'.
one of the best lines of coelho,from 'brida'-(even though its a little out of context of this topic.)
'god manifests himself in everything,but the word is one of his most favoured methods of doing so,because the word is thought transformed into vibration; you are projecting into the air around you something which, before,was only energy.take great care with everything you say''the word has more power than many rituals'.

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