the great mystery

she lived a secret life that no one knew..she had a world within herself,her dreams..her likes and dislikes..her occasional fears and too many voices that told her what to do and what not to do .this happend in her secret life. she also had a set of people that she choose to open up with out there because she knew that she had nothing to fear,her inner thoughts formed an inner life for her.when she was young she was taught that soul and body form a human being.

As you change your beliefs you change the world you experience.

she planned things when the moment was 'over' and wasted another moment planning for the moment that is present which got over again..

life was like this for her inside...because the outer life was filled with materialization and virtualization and her inner life consisted of fantasies,dreams and emotions experienced subjectively.

she thought she had a deep soul i.e she always thought deeply, because she believed in her 'innerspace' tremendously and kept exploring it .

we possessed innerspace and outerspace and then as and when time progressed newer worlds were added...now she has cyberspace,socialspace,infospace thanks to the internet world,her social life and the advancement of science respectively she kept switching in and out of these worlds...without realising that they all are not the same...she has multiple personalities..and lives in different worlds existing on similar grounds ...but
but..............but....................................one thing is common.................that keeps following her....her essence ...her core...her 'divine soul'.
when she analysed herself she realised that she has no control over it and that she would be living like this...she doesnt mind because every one is....and what makes it fine is the fact that she needs to be happy in whichever world she is in...
she now searches for a higher level of understanding to be revealed so that she never lets moments pass by like this...and gradually forgets about these different worlds because there is and will be one soul but there will always be many worlds to live in...

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