be the water that touches her feet..then the sun shines while the wind is blowing everything..come over her feet slowly, make that loud noise..only to flow away..
(what a myth..it felt as if she was moving away)..taking her sand beneath ..taking the world away with you..leaving the depression beneath...but she walks towards water..that comes running towards her like a child..only to go away again.Now she is quite inside..where water is every where..
It goes and comes again but it doesnt matter..
you cant always blame others for everything and blaming yourself doesnt convince .you get caught up in a situation like this and you dont noe what to do..but it doesnt matter..thats gravity of life.
dont fight,dont shout,dont do it,dont mess,please understand..it makes her bad..and she doesnt want to be bad...
she takes the boat and starts to sail..comes in between the sea where there is water everywhere..but suddenly there is storm and the boat starts sinking .. she starts throwing everything out one by one ..but..it doesnt help...
you do all it takes to save it from drowing but it takes everything away..
in the eyes of the storm..youll see a lonely dove..the experience of survival is the key..to the Gravity of Love

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there are some days without a smile