The greatest belief

it is like searching from somewhere..something that you feel you need it.
it is the need for the moment .
something like a book that you wanted to find out where it is kept in a messy cupboard..or like an old pair of tshirt you suddenly felt the urge to wear..
and you start searching for it.
i think 24-7 ..and i would really need another garima to note down what i thought..because i cant sit and recall...
its like running water..but when i sit and stare ..i can recall bits of it...bits of what i WANT..
is it possible that you just cannot find what you want?...what if you 'knew' that the book is in the shelf and you are digging the shelf soo badly to get IT..and you are just not able to find it still..
no right? if it is present there..all you have to do is search for it.
something similar happens to my belief system.i believe....belief is the most effortless thing.. it is there..always and it keeps us going ..as if we are born to find that..(the book? the tshirt?)
belief is having confidence in TRUTH...how truthful are we to ourselfs? our wants and our needs?
it has got nothing to do with the mask that we wear on your faces and step out into the world..an understood way of living life ..we have become complex...very complex to mix our inner and outer world..its impossible..and let us even not dare to do it ...for you will find people waiting to rape it.
the devils..
belief belongs to our innerspace..our innerworld..
you feel like you are running in this dark..really dark tunnel with a strange belif that there is light in the end of the tunnel. you dont noe who told you and how did it enter in your system but you just believed in it and without any questions or challeges and even plotting options for yourself you just start running towards it..
it is called destiny.
yes i believe in destiny..the course of my journey to get to that light is a part of something called as life..
and i effortlessly accept that it will come to me on its own...because it just...will...
i may not have the best brain ..the biggest dream..the greatest belief..but it doesnt really matter in the end..because i get what i NEED,and anyways..it isnt really the end.

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